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Slide CALM WATER CRUISES ALONG THE HUON RIVER I'm David Golding and welcome aboard our authentically restored sailing Tasmanian fishing boat.

Built on the shores of Port Cygnet by the famous Wilson Brothers in 1949, Kerrawyn is truly a testament to their skill and craftsmanship that she is strong and seaworthy today after nearly 70 years of fishing the Tasmanian coastline. She is 53 feet and 30 tonnes and built of Tasmanian celery top pine and blue gum. Kerrawyn is powered by a 4L3 Gardner which reliably carries her crew when the sails are tucked away.

When the breeze is up it’s a great feeling to hoist the sails and shut down the engine as Kerrawyn gently carries you thought the water.

We look forward to sharing this experience with you on board your Sail Kerrawyn adventure.


unfortunately sailings are not available until further notice



Unfortunately sailings are not available until further notice


Slide "There's no greater feeling than being out pleasure sailing with Dave aboard Kerrawyn. The sense of freedom, accomplishment, being at one with nature, the exhilaration, that you know there is so much to learn, that there's not a point where you stop learning about it sailing. All while you're indulging on meals made from locally grown produce and trying local wines, and having a great laugh. " - Kat Browne


From sailing with my Dad in my early years to heading out on my own, the excitement has never left me.  My love of boats grew into a career of restoration and repairs driven by the desire to see boats in their natural environment, back on the water.  

My wooden boat Kerrawyn is the culmination of years of learning how to restore and maintain timber vessels and my love of sharing the experience of sailing with others. I hope you can come and join me for a Sail Tassie gourmet tour soon.  

- Dave Golding

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